In European roulette, you can make outside bets on numbers between 1 and 24, the zero. These are called “en prison” bets, and they pay 35 to 1 odds. The inside bets are the same, except for one: the even-money outside bet, which pays out thirty-five to one odds. While the inside bets are very specific, the outside bets can be very broad. You can also bet on one of the colors, including black, red, and green.

If you’ve never played European roulette before, don’t be concerned. All of the games are free to play. If you’re not sure how to play them, read this guide. It will help you play and understand the game. You’ll learn the rules and strategies. Once you know the basics of European roulette, you’ll feel confident to play on the Internet. You’ll have a chance to win big in no time!

There are five types of bets in European roulette. First, you can place chips on the desired number. Second, you can make an outside bet. This is an outside bet. If you’d like to play the inside bets, you can put them on a single number. You can place several bets on a single row. Finally, you can bet on both sides of the wheel. The inside bets are the most common, but you can make any number of them.

For those who want to play European roulette, try the NetEnt’s version. This software is easy to install, and it has great graphics. It also offers an impressive user interface. With its 37-pockets, you’ll be able to customize your table and play. You can also try a demo version of the game before you purchase it. When you’re ready to try it out, you can bet on your favorite European roulette.

A good European roulette software package will have high-quality graphics and sounds. It will make your gaming experience even more enjoyable. In addition to that, it will let you save your favorite numbers and bet on the winning numbers. If you are a true roulette maven, it’s important to choose a reliable game. The software you choose will give you the best odds. It will also allow you to adjust the roulette settings. Most of these games will give you the option to customize the game to meet your preferences.

You can play European roulette using different betting strategies. You can also use the software’s tutorial feature to learn how to play the game. These videos will show you the different ways to bet on numbers in the roulette wheel. You can even try placing a bet on individual columns and rows. You can also bet on individual dozens. If you’re a beginner, it’s important to understand the odds of winning before you make a bet.